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✦ Welcome!

Meet... Pixie & Pucci

gif of pucci and pixie grooming each other cutely
Pixie is a regular European tabby, and Pucci is a tabby British Shorthair. They're a pair of mischievous furballs hailing from western Germany.

This is a silly little website I created to practice my HTML skills and show off various cat photos.

I hope you enjoy the Pucciverse!

✦ Future & Past

At the moment we have pages for three cats, and we may make pages for a few of our former rodent pets as well.
My mom actually grew up in a home where, at one point, lived as many as 10 cats at once, 2 budgies, 1 rat, and 1 chinchilla. They were all random strays that my mom would bring home. Some pets died peacefully, some died in macabre circumstances. But my mom always tells me stories about those pets from the past, as well as many inside jokes. We are both very sentimental when it comes to cats and their personalities. If god wills it, this website will also have page/s dedicated to those pets that are long gone. There aren't any photographs of them, but at least some names, appearance notes, and personality notes will be made.
We hope you'll enjoy it!

✦ Credit

The base code for this site was written by FOOLLOVERS.

✦ Other Sites

Gekiyaku (Pandemia's HatoBf Guide) is a totally different kind of site. It's a fansite and resource of supplemental info for a video game called "Hatoful Boyfriend". Because of the game's subject matter, that site is 13+.

Also check out the LINK tab for other people's websites that I found, that revolve around their pets! :D

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I've been working on updating all images on the site to fit newer code. And tidying up the code in general. Now that I've made some sites from ground up, I'm a bit annoyed that this site's coded by another person, because they have a different sense of organization than me (idk how else to put it)
I might go crazy and wipe this entire site clean and build it from scratch up again. Problem is- I have ideas for other sites too, so I don't know what to focus on!!


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